About The Microgrid Project

The Microgrid Living Laboratory at the University of Regina is funded by Prairies Economic Development, Canada (PrairiesCan). This project integrated a variety of real energy assets, such as loads, a control centre, and renewable energy generation. The lab provides industrial partners with facilities to test models and advance their R&D goals, as well as opportunities for students and researchers interested in smart grid technologies to investigate digital applications for commercialization.

Our People

Dr. Irfan Al-Anbagi

Principal Investigator and Lead Researcher

Irfan Al-Anbagi

Lisa Vindevoghel

Project Manager,
Faculty of Engineering

Lisa Vindevoghel

Douglas Wagner

Technical Resource

Douglas Wagner

Mike Hodnefield

Project Manager,
Facilities Management

Mike Hodnefield

Important Information

We are seeking collaborative research and development partnerships with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the renewable energy and microgrid sectors. Partners would benefit from the U of R’s microgrid research facility by testing renewable energy and control models and advancing their research and development efforts. In addition, professional consulting electrical engineering partners would benefit from the facility by implementing testbeds for their microgrid-related projects.

We also welcome collaborative partnerships with national and international researchers in microgrid-related research.

Please contact Dr. Al-Anbagi if you have any questions related to the research collaboration.

Recent Case Studies

Asset monitoring

Blackout detection, black start, and automated

Grid modes

Automatic start of backup generators

Generation offsetting and balancing

Reserve management

Peak shaving

State-of-charge management

Load and renewable generation forecasting

Economic and environmental indices

Power quality during islanded operation

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Growing the clean energy technology sector in Saskatchewan takes research, experimentation, collaboration, and…money!

By Krista Baliko

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U of R microgrid will help grow provincial renewable energy sector

New funding will allow the university to develop the space and infrastructure needed for the self-sustaining energy system.

November 2, 2022
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