Clean Energy Technologies Research Institute (CETRI)

CETRI centralizes all low-carbon and carbon-free clean energy research activities at the University of Regina (U of R). Areas of research focus include decarbonization and zero-emission hydrogen (H2) technologies, carbon (CO2) capture and utilization, and waste-to-renewable fuels and chemicals. Bringing together one of the most dynamic teams of researchers, industry leaders, innovators, and educators in the energy field, CETRI’s mission aligns with the Environment & Climate Action areas of focus in the University of Regina’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.

At CETRI, we adopt a comprehensive approach to clean energy research that includes feasibility & proof-of-concept studies, bench-scale & pilot-plant testing, process simulation & optimization, and pre-commercial demonstration. We offer technical, scientific, and hands-on learning opportunities for existing and prospective researchers in a diverse and inclusive environment. Our labs and facilities are also utilized to provide analytical services to external clients. We not only develop our own technologies, but our labs, pilot facilities, and expertise are utilized to test and analyze technologies developed by external clients.

GGTC building

Greenhouse Gas Technology Centre (GGTC)

The Greenhouse Gas Technology Centre (GGTC) is the home of CETRI at the University of Regina. Providing over 12,000 sq. feet of research and laboratory space and 2,500 sq. feet of office space, CETRI researchers conduct their work in the GGTC’s state-of-the-art facilities.

The GGTC facilities include a full catalyst synthesis, characterization, and testing laboratory, small-scale catalytic reactors (with H2S and SO2 testing capabilities), specialty solvent synthesis and testing laboratory, and floor scale catalyst aided carbon capture rigs.

Our Technology Highlights


  • 20 years of hydrogen production research
  • $2.7M catalyst-aided, feed-flexible, process-flexible demonstration pilot plant
  • Revolutionary technology that utilizes a patented catalyst to convert any feed fuel into clean-burning hydrogen, with CO2 recycling and reuse capabilities
H2 pilot plant

Carbon Capture

  • $3.3M demonstration pilot plant
  • Patented catalyst-aided amine-based CO2 capture process that uses hot water instead of steam, eliminating the need to divert steam or energy from a facility’s primary purpose
  • This innovative process reduces the cost of post-combustion capture, reducing the energy requirements, and equipment size of a typical amine-based CO2 capture plant
CO2 pilot plant

Energy from Waste

  • Research and development activities for utilizing Agricultural, Forestry, and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Plastic Waste to produce energy, fuels, and chemicals
  • Process development capabilities for bioethanol, renewable diesel, methanol, hydrogen, carbon black, and other commodity and specialty products
Soil in hand for planting

Infrastructure and research funding provided by sponsors including:

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