• 20 years of hydrogen production research.
  • $2.7M catalyst-aided, feed-flexible, process-flexible demonstration pilot plant.
  • Revolutionary technology that utilizes a patented catalyst to convert any feed fuel into clean-burning hydrogen, with CO2 recycling and reuse capabilities.
H2 pilot plant

Carbon Capture

  • $3.3M demonstration pilot plant.
  • Patented catalyst-aided amine-based CO2 capture process that uses hot water instead of steam, eliminating the need to divert steam or energy from a facility‚Äôs primary purpose.
  • This innovative process reduces the cost of post-combustion capture, reducing the energy requirements, and equipment size of a typical amine-based CO2 capture plant.
CO2 pilot plant

Energy from Waste

  • Research and development activities for utilizing Agricultural, Forestry, and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Plastic Waste to produce energy, fuels, and chemicals.
  • Process development capabilities for bioethanol, renewable diesel, methanol, hydrogen, carbon black, and other commodity and specialty products.
Soil in hand for planting