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Welcome to the SaskPower Clean Energy Research Chair (SCERCh) webpage. I am Raphael Idem, a Professor of Process/Industrial System Engineering in the University of Regina, and the Chair holder of SCERCh. Part of my goals is to develop innovative, efficient and cost-effective clean energy technologies for Saskatchewan, Canada and the world at large.

The other part is to ensure that the general public is aware of and can evaluate the benefits of the developed technologies. This aspect will be made possible via this webpage.

I hope you find it not only informative but mind probing, as to how best we all can ensure that the energy we need, create and use remains clean.

– Dr. Raphael Idem


To be the leading developer of clean energy technologies for various energy sectors in Saskatchewan, Canada, and the world at large.


To develop an innovative, efficient and cost effective portfolio of technologies that will pave the way towards a low or zero carbon economy thereby enabling governments, policy makers, and the community at large to practically address climate change and global warming issues.

Dr. Raphael Idem


We have designed a portfolio of technologies aimed at producing clean energy. They are;

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SCERCh Strategy Diagram

SCERCh Strategy Diagram